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Another idea

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This is an old photo.


It was taken a year ago when we first moved out to our property.

See that fence on the right side of the photo?  There is a pool behind it.  A terrible, broken-down, poorly-maintained, icky pool, with the liner falling in and the bottom filled with rain water and the area around choked with thistles and other weeds.

At least there are lots of frogs who serenade us at night.  That part is nice.

Anyway, our first thoughts when we bought the place were to

1. Fill in the pool

2. Convert the pool into a greenhouse

3. Anything but keep the pool

And then our friends and family began whispering their own dreams in our ears, telling us how nice it would be if we had a pool.  And I knew I didn’t want to deal with chlorine and chemicals, but Husband thought of converting it to a natural pool (kind of like a man-made pond, filtered by aquatic plants), so we thought that might be a fun idea.

Any idea how much work that is?  Any idea how expensive that is?

A lot.  And really.

A Guy gave us an estimate on converting it.  $94,000 to $108,000.  “Is that in your budget?”

Uh, no.

Husband began brainstorming again.  “What if we build the house right there?  Convert the pool into a basement or at least a storm shelter?”

Hm.  Interesting.  The placement of the house would be good — perhaps even better than our original plan to build the new house right where the old one is.  And we could still live in the old house while we build the new one, meaning we could skip the expense of building a tiny house and the expense of renting storage space for all our stuff while we live in the tiny house and build the new house.

It feels more doable.  More exciting.  Like we could actually start building our real house in a few years rather than building the tiny house in a few years and then the new house a few years after that.

So we are looking at house plans again.  It will be timber framed, because Husband went to a workshop to learn how to do that.

timber frame

And maybe it will have a storm shelter / root cellar that used to be a terrible, broken-down, poorly-maintained, icky pool.

We just have to figure out the logistics of that.

Perhaps someday, we’ll have a pool.  But only if we really want one.


Last Saturday’s Run

Saturday was a miserable day for running.  It was cold, and it was raining.  A terrible combination.  The only  worse running weather is sleet.  A ten-miler was on the schedule, but with this weather, I decided eight would do.

At first, it wasn’t so bad.  But about four miles in, the wind blew frigidly in my face.  My mood plummeted.  Two more miles, and I thought that if a scary stranger pulled up in his car and offered me candy and a ride, I’d be sorely tempted to accept.  I was tired, and my desire to walk was warring with my longing to be in a warm house as soon as possible.  At mile seven — nose dripping, shoes splorshing, hip flexors complaining, and breath fogging, all I wanted was to be home.

Finally, I finished the last mile and burst through the door of my abode.  My hands were cold.  My gloves and shirt were soaked.  But finally it was complete, and I heard a hot shower calling my name.

Will I Ever Make Up My Mind?

I know, I know.  I had a WordPress blog.  Then I switched to Squarespace.  I thought Squarespace had more of what I wanted.  The problem was, I had to pay for it, and while it did have some things I wanted, it didn’t have some things that WordPress offers.  So I’m back with WordPress.  Probably for good.  But I won’t promise, because, you know, I might change my mind again.  Hopefully not.

Anyway, my old blog should have pointed you here.  This is where I plan to be for a while.

All the regular bloggy stuff, as well as the book reviews, are here and will be interspersed (rather than on separate pages like on the Squarespace blog.)  I have a separate blog for Cooking Through the United States.

Please make sure you bookmark these new sites, or write them down or something.  I’m going to try to disable (and maybe get refunded for) my Squarespace blog within a month or so, and I don’t want you to cry for missing me.  I’m also going to try to see if I can get my domain to point over here, but hubby’s cousin had to figure that out for me in the first place, so I might have to see if he’ll be nice enough to do it again.

Anyway, I think I’m going to be happier here now.

A Blog That Helps You Live Your Dream

I actually got to read Jon Acuff’s book Quitter before it was published.  I got to give my input.  In fact, if you buy the book, you’ll find my name listed in the back as someone who contributed thoughts and suggestions.

I didn’t get paid for that (though I did get a free book out of it).  Still, I’m not making any money by telling you that Jon’s blog is pretty darn good, too.  He writes about taking hold of your dreams and making them happen.  Mostly this applies to the workplace (and finding / creating a job you love as well as not allowing your job to overshadow your relationships and family).  He’s encouraging and often funny, and I read his stuff regularly.

A Blog About Frugality

Fake-It Frugal focuses on ways to save money by making things yourself.  Ikea knock-offs, detergents, Christmas topiaries, restuarant recipes — it’s all here!

A Great Food Blog

For Christmas cookies, canning, and scones (this woman made me fall in love with scones), check out Sugarcrafter.