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When I was little, I loved reading the Little House series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Laura had so many adventures that I wanted to be Laura.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I still love reading the books, and I still kind of want to be Laura.

Look, I appreciate technology and modern conveniences.  I love that I don’t have to use an outhouse when it’s twenty degrees outside.  I like that I can drive a car to a supermarket to pick up things I need.  I like the internet and my cell phone and television.

At the same time, a big part of me wants to get back to something more simplistic.  Times when food didn’t come in styrofoam packages and people weren’t reachable by five different methods twenty-four hours a day and credit card debt wasn’t par for the course.

While my husband and I embrace the advances of our current times, in many ways we try to get back to some of the things the pioneers appreciated.  Homegrown food.  Honest hard work.  Freedom from debt.

This site is about the two of us, who think we’d have liked being contemporaries of the Ingalls family, making our way in a modern world.



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  1. Hello you might like try Dream Wheeler, it’s available to borrow free from Amazon Prime. Hope you enjoy it and good luck with your writing! Best wishes, Deb Hunt

  2. I understand the dream….. I stopped my Facebook account and now feel liberated, and that’s just one small (maybe?) thing. Trees and your beautiful skyline are much more inspiring, I’m sure!


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