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Catching rabbits

Today is a beautiful day, so I thought I’d mow the grass.

Only the blades on The Beast didn’t seem to be turning.  Perhaps there is a belt loose.  But the mower is so heavy I can’t hold it up to do anything underneath, and my husband isn’t here right now.

So, since I couldn’t mow, I decided to get the trimmers and trim a few trees that were getting unruly.  I opened the door to the barn…

and saw all the rabbits out of their colony.

My darling husband fed them last night, and must not have gotten the door latched tightly.  And out they came.

I got three of the does back in.  I chased the fourth one around for a while, then went and trimmed the trees, then came back and tried again.

She is very skittish.  And very fast.

That may be another task that waits until Stephan gets home.

But at least the trees are trimmed.


About Karen Koch

I like the old-fashioned lifestyle. All this new-fangled stuff baffles me sometimes. I cherish living out in the country, raising chickens and rabbits, planting fruit trees, and enjoying a slow life filled with beautiful words and ideas. I don't always achieve a slow life. I teach middle school English and manage a little burgeoning farm with my husband, and somewhere in the midst of that, I try to find time for writing, running, knitting, reading, and playing the ukulele. And sometimes, I actually succeed.

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  1. Ha! Now that sounds like my kind of day. The handle on our mower broke the other day but fortunately I was able to use duct tape to fix it 🙂


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