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It’s still cold and snowy, and that makes people like my husband and me happy.  Okay, I admit that Stephan’s happier about it than I am, but I like it too.  I’d much rather have this weather than 34 degrees and rainy.  The only difficulty is that school keeps getting delayed or canceled.  It’s hard to get through the lessons I want to teach when I have only a half an hour per class (in the case of a delay) or no class at all.  It took us three weeks to get through Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet.  That’s entirely too long.

Still, it’s nice to be home on snowy days when school is canceled.  This is Stephan’s competition season, so he’s been gone a lot and will continue to be away from home frequently until April begins.  He continues to amaze me with his artistry.  Just when I think I have a handle on his talent, he does something new to blow me away.  Here’s the latest example of his amazingness (which is probably not a word, but I’m going to use it anyway!):

“The Music Within” as carved by Stephan at the NICA competition in Bay Harbor, Michigan

I mean, wow.  It just blows me away.

When we’re both home, though, we like to sit in our new love seat that his parents helped us purchase for Christmas.  This is the first new piece of furniture we’ve owned since we got married, aside from the kitchen table and chairs my parents bought us several years ago.  It’s comfortable, small enough to fit well in the room (unlike the couch that used to be there, which stuck too far out in the room), and each side reclines.  It’s really nice, and we like it a lot.

You can’t see the loveseat very well, but you can see how happy we are sitting on it!

When I do have to go out, I happily now have an all-wheel drive vehicle in which to traverse the snowy roads.  You may remember that my VW Passat got totaled in a low-speed side-swipe back in October.


The car still drove okay, but it had ongoing transmission sensor issues, plus it was a 1999 and we’d already started saving for a new car knowing that Suzie wouldn’t last forever.  So after months of Stephan’s research, he finally found a car he was happy with, and on a snowy day when school was canceled, we went to test drive it.  The car was nice and the price was reasonable, so we got it.

SONY DSCIt’s a 2006 Toyota Matrix.  As I mentioned, the AWD is great for this weather.  It doesn’t have a name yet — it hasn’t spoken to me, though Stephan suggests “The Silver Bullet.”  That was a big purchase that made my heart flutter, but I have settled myself to acceptance now.  (No car loan!  It’s all paid for with cash.)

So that’s what’s new with me.  Sadly, I haven’t spent much time writing or even knitting lately.  And my exercise regimen has been restricted to shoveling snow and moving firewood (very little running lately on the snowy roads in the below zero wind chills).  As a result, both my creative muscles and my physical muscles are languishing.  I need to work on working them again.

Until then, I’ll keep enjoying the snow.


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  1. Love that sculpture! He really is so talented. I’m so glad you got a new car! I know it was a big purchase – but I’m sure it will give you peace of mind to have something that WORKS. My husband mostly does our shoveling, but I got out to help yesterday & today I’m creaking around – ha!


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