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I’m disappointed to announce that I did not get any of the teaching jobs I applied for.  I would like to say that the principal of one of the schools called and told me, and was very kind and encouraging.  The principal of the other school didn’t call and didn’t return my call when I left a message at the office.  I finally received what I guess is a rejection letter, though it’s not spelled out.  Here is the letter:
Dear (me):

Thank you for applying for the Language Arts position at (school).  We have finished our selection process and are pleased with both the exceptional candidates and our selection for this position.

I wish to express my gratitude to you for your interest in this position.   May you have continued success in the education field.  Your credentials will be kept on file at our administration office for one year.



I asked Stephan to read the letter.  “Does it actually say that they aren’t hiring me?  Did I just miss it?”  He assured me that I didn’t miss anything.  It just says they are pleased with the selection they made, and I’m left to infer that they’re glad they didn’t choose me!  I am rolling my eyes.

Anyway, I had orientation today for the job I do have for this school year.  The position is as an aide, doing remediation for students who did not pass their End of Course Assessments.  I still have many questions (like, are there materials I’m supposed to use? what subjects does this cover? what exactly will I be doing?) but I at least did get to see the classroom I will be using.  I had wondered if I would be in the same place for the time I was at school (just 3/4 of a day) or if I would have to move around.  I don’t have to move around, and I will be sharing the classroom with the law enforcement teacher, who has one block per day, while I have three blocks.  I kind of thought that might be the case, and I wasn’t too excited about it.  I was in the law enforcement classroom last school year when I was subbing, and it was a yucky classroom that was tucked away behind the cafeteria, had no windows, was dirty, had been painted a bad color, and had kind of a funny smell.  I’m happy to report that apparently things got moved around and this is NOT the classroom I will be in.  My (our) classroom has windows, is near the front of the school, and I think can be made to look cheerful.  Plus, the law enforcement teacher is a woman, so I won’t have to deal with any yucky boy smells, except for those of the students.

This is not the job I wanted, but I want to make the best of it.  I don’t feel capable of tutoring students in algebra or biology (which I might be doing in addition to English), but I will learn.  I wanted a larger income and benefits, but I will trust God to take care of our needs.  I don’t understand why God did not provide a teaching job after all the applications I filled out and the interviews I had, but it is not my job to understand.  Instead, I will work on trusting joyfully and doing my job well.


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  1. That’s the spirit, dear DIL!


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