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Okay, I know I am not the only person out there who has been looking for teaching jobs.  I thought I’d post some of the interview questions I have been asked during this process to help out those who may be job-hunting like I am.  There is another blog who has posted questions, and some of them were relevant in my search, but some of them were questions for the elementary level educator.  Her list also lacked a lot of the questions I was asked.  The following questions were those I have been asked in searching for a secondary English position.  They are in no particular order, except the order in which I thought of them.  I don’t propose to tell you how to answer these questions; I’m just letting you know that you may be asked these or similar questions so that you can be prepared for them.  If you know of other interview questions for secondary positions (especially English), please add them in the comments.  Thanks!

What are you currently reading?

What is your opinion of Common Core?

Common Core standards emphasize that teachers must teach informational reading in an equal amount to fiction.  Many English teachers came into the profession because they are literature buffs.  How do you feel about teaching informational reading as 50 percent of the reading portion of the classes?

How familiar are you with The 6+1 traits of writing?  Have you used any specific writing programs in your teaching experience?

Have you used any specific reading programs?

How would you use technology in your classroom?

What kinds of things would you put on a class website?

How would you communicate with parents what is going on in your class?

Would y0u allow your students to be Facebook friends with you?

Would you allow your students to follow you on Twitter?

Would you consider having a Facebook page for one or more of your classes?

The new RISE evaluation standards have one section that is based on the entire school’s performance.  That means that if the students do poorly on their End of Course Assessments — even in a subject matter that you don’t teach — your evaluation score could be affected and your pay could be affected.  How do you feel about that?

A parent calls you complaining that you are not giving enough homework in your class.  How do you handle that?

You hear a few students continually, repeatedly complaining about another teacher.  How do you handle that?

Describe your classroom management philosophy.

Explain whether you would use positive or negative reinforcement (I think the interviewers actually meant reward or punishment, as negative reinforcement does not equal punishment) in your classroom management.  Give examples of each.

How do you feel about class-wide punishments?

Describe what steps you would take to deal with a constantly disruptive student.

How do you address multiple intelligences / differentiation in the classroom?  Give an example.

Give an example of a lesson you taught that completely flopped.

If I walked into your classroom on any given day, what would I see students doing?

Tell me what your physical classroom would look like.

Aside from tests and quizzes, how do you assess student progress?

What are some pet peeves you have about other teachers?

Tell me your philosophy about teaching all parts of the curriculum: do you touch on everything, at least lightly, so that you’ve at least introduced every concept listed in the standards, or do you focus in depth on fewer things, letting other concepts go so that students have mastered at least some of the standards?

How often would your students be writing in class?



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  1. That is an overwhelming battery of questions!
    I’d love to hear your answers.
    About teaching reading 50% informational, I’d say “Boring!” Don’t they already get that having to read for all other subjects?
    What are the 6+1 traits of WR?


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