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Book Review: It’s Not News, It’s FARK

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First of all, you’ll have to go to to actually “Click to look inside” the book.  I couldn’t grab an image of the book off the website, so I had to use one from Amazon instead.

In It’s Not News, It’s FARK: How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off CRAP as News, Drew Curtis examines mass media and points out the ridiculous things they do.  Stories about the weather are just one example.  Every summer, reporters go out and tell us that it’s summer and it’s hot outside.  Every winter, they stand in a blizzard to tell us it’s snowing.  There are the other seasonal stories as well, like how we are told every holiday that roads will be congested because people are traveling for the holiday.

Then there’s the fearmongering.  For instace, say there’s an asteroid out there in space, and its current trajectory is headed roughly in the direction of earth.  If it stays on the course we think it’s on (unlikely) and doesn’t burn up in the earth’s atmosphere (unlikely) and crashes into New York City (unlikely, but it would always be someplace like New York or LA, not an uninhabited region of the Mojave Desert or the middle of the ocean), a lot of people could die!  Everybody PANIC!

As you read the book you will nod your head, realizing that you’ve seen these types of stories on TV or in the paper all your life.  Maybe you realized how silly they were.  If you didn’t, you sure will after reading this book.  It’s amusing and eye-opening.

Score: 9/10


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