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Oh, How I Wish I’d Written It Down

I totally should have photocopied this or written it down as soon as I read it, but I didn’t and it’s been nearly a week, but I just have to share what I can remember.

I was volunteering at the high school last week, and a teacher who had been out for several days needed me to grade some reading guides over The Lord of the Flies (which I totally almost typed as Lord of the Lifes, and then did type as Lord of the Files.  Anyway…)  One of the questions was something like this:

Ralph suggests that they go to Jack’s side of the island for the feast.  Piggy agrees, saying they need to make sure the littl’uns are okay.  Piggy probably had another, more personal reason.  What is it?

Now, the answer is that Piggy was hungry.  Jack was going to have meat at the feast, and all Piggy and Ralph have been eating is fruit, and there’s not a whole lot of that available.

But one student took issue with the way the question was worded.  His response was something like this:

How am I supposed to know?  If Piggy probably had another reason, then that means that it’s possible he didn’t so maybe he didn’t have another reason at all.  I’m not a mind reader.

Sarcastic much?

So, okay, the question could have been worded better so that it didn’t have the loophole.  But really, nearly every other kid answered it correctly, so I think this student has other issues aside from his disgruntlement over not having super mind-reading powers.


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I like the old-fashioned lifestyle. All this new-fangled stuff baffles me sometimes. I cherish living out in the country, raising chickens and rabbits, planting fruit trees, and enjoying a slow life filled with beautiful words and ideas. I don't always achieve a slow life. I teach middle school English and manage a little burgeoning farm with my husband, and somewhere in the midst of that, I try to find time for writing, running, knitting, reading, and playing the ukulele. And sometimes, I actually succeed.

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