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Bunionectomy: One Year Later

Saturday, August 27, marked one year since I had surgery on my right foot.  I think I’ve mentioned a few (hundred) times that I’m so glad I had the surgery.

My foot no longer hurts when I run, or when it rains, or when I’m just sitting at my desk at work.

The scars have faded and they’re not too obvious now.

The only discomfort I have is when I’m lying on my side in bed, sometimes if the inside of my foot is resting on the mattress, the pressure is uncomfortable on the spot where the bunion used to be.  But by putting the right foot on top of the left one, I can avoid that.  So it’s minor and hardly even worth mentioning.


And my foot is prettier than it used to be, too.


About Karen Koch

I like the old-fashioned lifestyle. All this new-fangled stuff baffles me sometimes. I cherish living out in the country, raising chickens and rabbits, planting fruit trees, and enjoying a slow life filled with beautiful words and ideas. I don't always achieve a slow life. I teach middle school English and manage a little burgeoning farm with my husband, and somewhere in the midst of that, I try to find time for writing, running, knitting, reading, and playing the ukulele. And sometimes, I actually succeed.

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