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Tubing, Pumps, and Siphons

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Chef’s been working on the aquaponics in whatever free time he has.

He’s got the supply tubes hooked up.  They aren’t totally finished, but it’s a good start.

He’s also got the pump in the fish tank, but since it’s dark in there, it was hard to get a good picture.

One day, Chef told me it was time to test one of the bell siphons, so I went up to check it out.  First we had to fill the grow bed with water.

Then we had to see if the siphon would work to drain the grow bed into the fish tank.

I took some video of that, but it turned out kind of boring, just watching water flow.  However, I did video Chef’s explanation of how the bell siphon works.  You’ll get to see that tomorrow.

Anyway, the test proved that the siphon worked!

You can’t really see it in this photo but the water is coming out of the overflow tubing into the tank.

The first one he had tried a couple of nights earlier didn’t work and needed some tinkering, but this one worked just fine.

And then he discovered there is a leak somewhere in his fish tank and we had water all over the floor… and through the floor, dripping onto my car in the garage.  Ugh.  Chef’s working on fixing that, but the leak isn’t really obvious.  The liner is brand new and double thickness, so we’re surprised it leaked at all.  And not very happy about it as you might imagine.

But at least the siphons work.


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