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New Running Shoes

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Last Saturday, Chef and I were running errands around the north side of Indianapolis.  We delivered an ice sculpture for a 70th birthday party in Zionsville.  Then we swung through Carmel to pick up Chef’s jersey for his soccer league.  On our way back home, we drove to Fishers to my favorite running store, Blue Mile, to look for new running shoes for me.

We arrived at 5:56.  The sign on the door said they close at 6:00.


We went in anyway, and I explained, “I know you close in four minutes.  But I need new shoes and I just had foot surgery so I’m starting from scratch and I need a gait analysis and everything.  Will you be able to help me today?”

The two staff members looked at each other.  “Well, a gait analysis takes about fifteen minutes.  We’re open tomorrow, too.  Are you from nearby?”

“Well, not really,” I said.  I told them where we live; it’s about an hour away.

“We can take care of you now,” they said.  “We don’t want you to have to drive all the way back here tomorrow.”

So the guy put me on the treadmill and we tried a variety of different shoes.  Interestingly, I’ve gone up a half a size since my surgery.  I think it’s because my toes are much straighter now.  I don’t have enough room in my old shoes, which used to fit just fine before surgery.

As a result, Chef threatened to start calling me Sasquatch.  A withering look from me stopped that in its tracks.

Anyway, I ended up with the Brooks Ravenna.

They’re a lot lighter than what I used to wear.  Since I’m not pronating as much now that I’ve had surgery, I don’t need as much stability in my shoes.  (I think the salesman said these shoes are somewhere between a stability shoe and a neutral shoe.)  I wasn’t used to having less cushioning, and my left foot wasn’t sure about it.  But when I tried a shoe with more cushioning, I felt like it was too much on the right foot.  I determined it’s because the left foot is still slightly sore from surgery while the right foot has recovered now.

As a side note, these shoes are reviewed in this month’s Runner’s World.  (Here is a review from 2009, but they’ve just reviewed the new model and given it the Editor’s Choice.  Nice!)

I like these shoes.  I tried them out on the treadmill at the Y the other day, then took them out on the road for a five mile run over the weekend.  And I’m glad I can wear a lighter shoe now.


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