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Bunionectomy: Three Weeks Post-Op

Bathing: As of December 20, I was permitted to get my foot wet.  I’d been taking baths, but I really missed showers, so early this week I took my first shower in over two weeks.  It was marvelous.  And treacherous.  Have you ever tried to take a shower while balancing on one foot?  It isn’t very easy or very safe.  It was really nice to wash my hair without lying in the tub, but I’m going back to baths again for a while.

Pain Medication: I have been totally off the pain medication since about the 21st of December (11 days post-op)… except for Christmas Eve when I tripped over a rug, landed on my bad foot and did a face plant on the love seat.  That required a couple of Vicodin and a hug from my hubby.  Honestly, I think the hug was more therapeutic than the pills.  HUGS NOT DRUGS!

Walking: I’m still on crutches, of course.  I keep thinking I should be putting more weight on my foot than I can, but then I have to remind myself that sugery was only a few weeks ago.  I can put a little more weight on my heel now, but I can’t walk on that foot yet.

I’m also incredibly klutzy this time around.  On Christmas Eve, I tripped on a rug (see above).  A few days later my crutch almost slipped out from under me.  A couple of days after that I was lowering myself into a chair and completely missed it, scraping my back and landing on the floor.  Good grief.

I had a dream the other night that I was walking without crutches.  Oh how I long for that day.

My right foot (I’m 18 weeks post-op on that one) is kind of wondering what the heck I’m thinking to expect so much from it so soon.  It hasn’t been terrible, but it has been a little bit sore.

Swelling: I’ve had much less swelling this time than I did last time.  I think it’s because I was able to use the cryo-cuff on the very first day instead of waiting two weeks.  My friend who loaned me the GameReady said that the first 72 hours are critical, and because I was able to ice it right away, I avoided a lot of the fluid pooling in the foot that I had a hard time getting rid of last time.  And that means that I don’t have to put my foot on my desk at work as much as I did the first time.  I do take a little ibuprofin now and then to help with swelling, but not very often.  (Mostly because I just forget about it.)

Incisions: I had mentioned that my smaller incision popped open a little bit at my post-op appointment.  I’ve been keeping a Steri-strip on it, and it seems to be doing fine.  I haven’t really messed with it other than to change the tape, but I think it’s healing okay.  The larger incision still looks a little weird because it’s puffy and has the purple marker all in the middle of it, but I think it looks better than the large incision on my other foot did at this point.  But then, it might just be that I know better what to expect.

Photos: Last week, Dawn asked for a photo.  This week, I deliver!


The Steri-strip I have on that incision is way too long — I didn’t have a scissors handy when I put it on.  You can tell there’s swelling, but it’s not too bad.  And you can compare the scars on the left foot to those on the right — amazing what 15 weeks will do, eh?


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